Auli skiing championship begins, preparations for Winter Games 2022, top players to be listed

Auli skiing championship

Winter Games are proposed in China in 2022, preparation of international games will be made

Auli skiing championship : The skiing competitions going on at Auli Slope are also a preparation for the 2022 Winter Games. The top players of the country participating here will be listed, who will be made ready for the International Games. Winter Games are proposed in China in 2022. The national team has to be selected for this.

Parveen Sharma, secretary of the Uttarakhand Ski and Snow Board Association, says that the process has started with the preparation for the 2022 Olympics. Out of all the national games, the best performing players are selected. He goes ahead and plays in the Olympics. The skiing games going on in Auli can also be called a trial of Olympic preparations.

Sandeep Sahni, president of the Ski and Snow Boards Association of Uttarakhand, says that players from Uttarakhand are also doing better in skiing. Some players from Uttarakhand can also participate in the 2022 Olympic Games.

International competition may be held in Auli next year
The Uttarakhand Ski and Snow Board Association is striving for it in the international competition at Auli next year. Federation of International Skiing (FIS) meeting has also said to put this proposal.

FIS has recognized Auli’s slope this year. This recognition will continue for the next 10 years. Uttarakhand Ski and Snow Board is very excited after the recognition from the Federation of International Skiing.


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