Atal Ayushman will also be able to give treatment outside the state

Under Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme, patients will now be able to get free treatment outside the state. The national portability facility is going to be started under this scheme. Chairman DK Kotia gave this information in the meeting held in this regard.

In fact, under the Ayushman Scheme, patients have the facility of treatment outside Uttarakhand also. Despite this, patients are not able to go out for treatment under the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. He can be treated only in the state government hospital and private hospital affiliated under the scheme. In such a situation, due to a lack of a better system in the treatment of many serious diseases, patients often have to face problems. This is going to get rid of them soon.

Under the National Portability, there is a preparation to provide free treatment to the patients outside the state. This will provide great relief to the patients in case of serious illness. The National Health Authority has also given its consent on this.

There are not many facilities for the treatment of neurosurgery, heart surgery, cancer and burn in the state. AIIMS, Himalayan Hospital, Sri Mahant Indiresh Hospital, etc. have this facility, but doctors are limited. In such a situation, people are not getting treatment in the event of an emergency. In view of this, it has been decided to provide treatment facilities outside as well.

600 special public service centers to make golden cards

DK Kotia, chairman of the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme, reviewed the special campaign being run for the creation of the golden card. Talking to the District Magistrates, Chief Medical Officer and Nodal Officers in the video conferencing, he said that this scheme is a high priority program of the government.

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister, a special campaign is being launched to make the golden card. Said that now the database of beneficiaries has been increased. Full details including names of eligible beneficiaries have been made available to all public service centers. So that the golden card of each beneficiary can be easily made under this special campaign.

During the campaign, 600 Jan Seva Kendras have been specially operated to make golden cards. Under the supervision of the District Magistrate and Chief Medical Officer, these centers are being made available in all District Electorate, Tehsil and Development Block Headquarters, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayat, and Municipality premises and also in District Hospital, Sub District Hospitals.

He instructed the district collectors to organize special camps to make this campaign successful. At the village level, through the network of ASHAs and Anganbadi, speed up the moving of eligible beneficiaries to the Golden Card. Information about the National Portability facility will also be started soon.

He informed that so far 1.05 lakh patients have received free treatment facility. Under which, work has been done to save the lives of 10 thousand beneficiaries. Directors Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Dr. Archana Srivastava, Dr. DK Chakrapani, etc. were present during this period.

Golden cards will be made for 19 lakh 68 thousand

The database of beneficiaries was told that under the National Food Security Act, 23 lakh ration card holders of Uttarakhand in the year 2014-15, 12 lakh cardholders of Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme and 19.68 lakhs identified under Socio-Economic and Ethnic Census under the scheme. The families’ golden card will be created.

Only 5.37 lakh beneficiaries were selected by the Government of India in the socio-economic and ethnic census database, but after the decision of the state government to include all, 14.31 lakh beneficiaries of this category have also been taken. Now, this number has increased to 19.68 lakhs.

If a beneficiary’s name is not available in the records pertaining to the said database during the creation of the Golden Card, but he has the letter of the Chief Minister related to the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Scheme or the letter sent by the Prime Minister in the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, his golden card will be made with the ID number inscribed on it.

Cards made for 34 lakh people so far

Under the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme, golden cards of about 34 lakh people have been made, but in most families, golden cards of all the members have not been made. For this, a special campaign is being conducted from 25 November to 25 December.

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