Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme scandal: A surgery for a pimple or sometimes it takes claim without operation

Under Atal Ayushman Uttarkhand Yojana, private hospitals are trying to lure the government by going till the culmination of the fraud. A claim is being made by showing a need for surgery for a pimple, while without any surgery, the hospital is engaged in extorting millions of rupees. Such cases are being held in the regular audit of the scheme. In this kind of scandal, action has been taken against about 10 hospitals until now. While the action is going on against many.

In the past, a patient had his leg imputed due to having gangrene in Doon Hospital. After this, he went to the Vinod Ortho Clinic located in Doon for the treatment. There he was recruited for 17 days. Vinod Ortho Clinic took advantage of this and also took a claim for the operation of the patient’s foot. In this case, the case was investigated by the joint team of Delhi and the state. This was not the only case of this hospital, in which the amount of claim was levied in this manner. The hospital has fooled the government in many ways. State Health Agency president Dilip Kotia said that these activities of hospitals are continuously being caught. Action can be taken against some hospitals soon. Nearly four hospitals in the state are under investigation.

1- 45 thousand claims of operation of pimple
A pimple in the hand reached the hospital located in Doon. The doctors of the hospital treated the patient and sent him to the house, but in the investigation, it was found that only in the treatment of this patient’s pimple, the hospital took the claim of 45 thousand rupees under different packages. During the treatment, many tests have been shown. While the team found in the investigation that it was a normal pimple.

2 – Hip operation, biking two days later
It was this miracle of the doctors of the Vinoth Ortho clinic, or something else, that a patient started riding a motorbike after two days of operation of the hip. In fact, on May 7, a patient was reported to be admitted to the Emergency due to a complaint of pain in the hip, whose operation was done. When the investigation team reached the hospital, it was found that the patient was not in the hospital and would be coming for treatment again in a while. Shortly after, the patient boarded the motorcycle and reached the hospital. The team has also considered this treatment as suspicious and fake.

3- an x-ray of one while the patient is the other
Vinod Ortho Clinic had applied for a claim to operate and fit a plate in a patient’s hand. The investigation team examined the patient’s X-ray, where it was seen that a rod has been inserted into his hand. While the patient’s report only mentioned fitting the plate. In such a preliminary investigation, it was discovered that the X-ray was of somebody else. Read more posts…

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