Atal Ayushman scam: Uttarakhand’s two more hospitals suspended from the list of the scheme


In Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojna, two more hospitals in the state have been prosecuted for misreferring the patients and earning lakhs of rupees by their treatment. These include a private hospital in Sultanpur of Haridwar and Kashipur of Udham Singh Nagar District. This disturbance was caught in a regular audit. On the order of CEO of the scheme, these hospitals were suspended from the list while ordering investigation on them. The inquiry report has been sought in 15 days. Till now, action has been taken against five hospitals, three hospitals in Kashipur and two Haridwar.

1. A Female doctor referred the patients to her husband’s hospital: Kashipur’s this hospital was listed in last December. There are nine doctors in this hospital, including Dr. Navpreet Kaur (gynecologist). While, Dr. Kaur LD Bhatt also works on contract in Kashipur, Government hospital. Sahota Hospital submitted total claims of 93 cases till 17th April. Of these nine cases were cesarean delivery, 21 related to infants, 35 dialysis, and seven cases were of cataract. Nine cases of cesarean delivery were reported from LD Bhatt State Hospital to Sahota Hospital. All these patients were referred by Dr. Kaur.

It was found in the investigation that this Sahota hospital was of Dr. Ravi Sahota, husband of Dr. Kaur. It was learned that he would deliberately refer patients to this hospital by making some excuse. Six of the newborns were kept in the ward in this hospital and they were taken under the scheme.

Packages taken for medical management: State Health Agency President Dilip Kotia said that another disorder was detected in the investigation. It was found that in the six cases, the medical management package was also taken from nine to 10 thousand rupees per patient. This rule is on the contrary.

2. Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Tikkampur Sultanpur, Haridwar

The higher center wrote on the refer slip, verbally said Jeevan Jyoti: this hospital of Sultanpur Haridwar has submitted a total of 94 claims. This hospital did not name the name of Dr. George Samuel, who was working here. However, in most cases, he has his name written in Discharge Summary and Clinical Notes. So treatment was shown to have been done by a doctor who is not even here. It is revealed that Dr. Samuel is working on contract basis in many state hospitals of Haridwar since 2015. At present, PHC is providing services in Raisi. On the referral slip of most patients who come to the Jeevan Jyoti hospital have the signature of Dr. Samuel. Dr. Samuel has depicted to have made a lot of fraud and looted many patients and then referring them to Laksar. Whereas, he was working in these hospitals before that. Dr. Samuel referred many patients from the Raisi (current deployment) too. It was written as the Higher Center, but it was said verbally that treatment should be done only in Jeevan Jyothi Hospital.

In the case of taking claims illegally, action has been taken against the hospitals of Haridwar and Udhamsinghnagar. Along with this, an inquiry was also conducted against them, whose instructions have been issued in 15 days.
– Yugal Kishore Pant, Chief Executive Officer, Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Scheme.


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