Atal Ayushman scam caught on two hospitals in Kumaon

Atal Ayushman scam

Action has been taken on two hospitals in Kumaon in a fraud involving the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. State Health Agency has terminated the list of Jaspur Metro Hospital, Jaspur and Sahota Super Specialty Hospital, Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar district.

Also, they have been fined Rs 4,17,300 and Rs 1,63,550 respectively. It has to be submitted to the State Health Agency within seven days. Otherwise, recovery action will be taken. Not only this, in connection with fraud, fake documents, and criminal conspiracy, etc., FIRs are being taken separately for lodging FIRs against hospitals. Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, director-administration of Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Scheme, ordered this.

Jaspur Metro Hospital

The surgery/treatment hospital of 26 patients under the Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme in Jaspur Metro Hospital, without pre-authorization. Pre-authorization was initiated after discharging the patients. Apart from this, instead of giving free treatment to 15 patients, the hospital took money from them. He was illegally charged for investigation, medicine, and surgery.

At the same time, his claim was also presented. Investigation revealed that 67 patients were treated in the hospital from the date of enlistment till 16 April 2019. In these, 41 cases were admitted as planned cases on the basis of a referral. Out of these, 18 patients were referred from CHC Jaspur on the referral slip by mentioning the name of Metro Hospital.

Several referral slips were even inscribed on the names of hospital physicians. Not only this, a referral slip was obtained from CHC Jaspur after two patients were admitted to the metro hospital. 26 patients were shown to be admitted to the hospital emergency. At the same time, on examination of the records, it was found that this case was not of an emergency, but it was shown an emergency case to maintain referral.

The pathology report is not signed by any doctor in 67 cases submitted by the hospital. All investigations have been conducted in-house in the hospital. At the same time, in the case of gall bladder inflammation and stones, the date of admission was mentioned separately in the discharge slip and operation notes of the patient.

Sahota Multi-Specialty Hospital

The Sahota Super Specialty Hospital in Kashipur has a total of nine doctors, including Dr. Navpreet Kaur (Gynecologist). While Dr. Kaur LD Bhatt also works on contract in Government Hospital Kashipur. Sahota Hospital had submitted a total of 93 cases till April 17.

Of these, nine cases were cesarean delivery, 21 related to newborns, 35 dialysis and seven cases of cataract. Nine cases of cesarean delivery were referred from LD Bhatt State Hospital to Sahota Hospital. All these patients were referred by Dr. Kaur. Investigation revealed that the hospital belongs to Dr. Ravi Sahota, husband of Dr. Kaur.

It was learned that the patient was intentionally referred to this hospital by making some excuse. Out of these, six newborns were unnecessarily kept in the Nikku ward in this hospital and their claim was taken under the scheme.


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