At the cost of 18 crores, ‘Amrit’ is being transported from Haridwar to Dehradun

Haridwar to dehradun

Under the Amrit Yojana, drinking water is being transported from Haridwar to Dehradun. The plan has come under the control of the colonizers. In addition to the approved plan, for the holders of power, work is being done at the cost of Rs 18 crore.

Village Panchayat of Dehradun District is near Haripurkalan area municipal corporation Haridwar. This area has rapid urbanization. A pipeline is being inserted under the Amrit Yojana at Uma Vihar Colony. It is alleged that work is being done against the consent of the colonizers, as opposed to the scheme. From the Haridwar division to the Dehradun area the water pipeline is being put on the order of whose the authorities have no answer to this. A new pipeline has been placed for two chambers inside Bhupatwala street of Swatantrapuri Dham Ashram. Expressing generosity, the officials are being lined up for the Amega Ganga apartment along with the highway.

The bridge was broken to put a pipeline of water
At the same time, even after having two water pipelines in Peepalwali lane, another line is being put under the elixir scheme. The bridge has been broken down to put a line of water. People have been scared to fill the rainwater in the houses by breaking the bridge. Some people made the house over the old cement line of the Peepwali street. Now, when there is a leakage, they get disturbed by filling water at home. Lakhs of rupees are being put in line to oblige them.

Keeping in mind the geographical location of Uma Vihar Colony Haripurkalam Dehradun, pipelines have been put under Amrit Yojna. Apart from planning, some work has to be done in practical also. The Peepwali alley was the line of old PVC. A new line has been inserted in its place. The broken bridge will be rebuilt. Work will begin in Bhimgora area within two days. Read more posts…


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