As soon as summer has come, 75% of hotels booked in Nainital, get your booking done too

Advance booking has begun for the tourism season starting May 15. Rooms from 60 to 90 percent have been booked in hotels in Nainital. Its average is 75 percent, while there are a total of 550 hotels in the city. Even online travel agents (OTA) are seeing plenty of crazes this time.

Hundreds of domestic, foreign tourists visit here every year. During the season the rooms in the prestigious hotels of the city are not found. This is the situation until June 30. Therefore, booking is done months ago.

Advance booking is also done in hotels associated with Hotel Association for this season. Many times, without getting the room, the tourists had to spend the night under the open sky. To avoid this problem many times travelers had to take the room by paying ten times the cost.

OTA has gained importance only to avoid this. Hotel Association president Dinesh Shah said that the association is opposing OTA. Despite this, the OTA has booked the highest number of rooms in the city. Hotel Association member Digvijay Singh Bisht points out that now OTA will give tourists room in this season.

Most of the tourists also want to stay at night in the city. This is why there is overloading, a disorder in hotels, while there is also a good option to spend the night in open hotels in the nearby villages, but most tourists are not able to make such adjustments. They have to suffer the consequences.

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