Applying mask for a long time can be a risk of this disease, if you see these symptoms, then check immediately.

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People are complaining of hypercapnia, more cases are coming up in quarantine centers
The doctor said, wear masks to avoid corona, but not continuously

If you too are using the mask for several hours to protect against the coronavirus, then this news is for you. Wearing masks continuously for many hours, people are suffering from respiratory, cardiovascular, and other problems.

In the medical science language, this disease is called hypercapnia. Physician of Government Doon Medical Hospital, Dr. Kumar G. Kaul says that wearing masks is not wrong, but wearing masks while exercising continuously for many hours is proving dangerous for health.

Such cases are coming up in the Quarantine Centers of Doon. Due to wearing a mask, the carbon dioxide released by the human again reaches the lungs through the mouth and nose. Because of which there are many problems like this.

More cases are coming in quarantine centers

Because of this, applying mask for a long time causes many problems in the body. This causes complaints such as heavy head, nausea, etc. Dr. Kaul said that many such cases are coming up in the Quarantine Centers of the district.

Those people are being advised to use the mask properly and apply the mask only when it is very important. It is also an appeal to the common man to avoid going overcrowded and do not use masks in the normal situation when at home. Use the mask only on exit.

These are the symptoms of hypercapnia
– Eye blurring or reduced vision.
– dizziness.
– Headache and heavy head.
– Difficulty in breathing.
– Increased blood pressure and heart rate.
– to sweat.
– to faint.

Here’s how to protect
– Do not wear a mask when alone at home.
– Wear masks only when going out or coming into someone’s close contact.
– Do not jog or exercise wearing a mask.


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