Apply this to the voter card, sit here before the election, know these important things


Those who have not been voted, they do not have to worry. They can easily make their voter card. To apply online, the form-6 form is to be filled by application or through the government’s website can also apply for a voter card.
Voter Eye Card is used not only for casting votes but also for identifying others in other functions. For example, opening an account in the bank, getting a mobile prepaid or postpaid connection, car finance etc. There is no fee to make Voter Eye Card.

Also, know these things
– It is necessary to fill the column number-4 of Form-6. The applicant has to give his old address.
– The applicant must also tell whether or not a voter card has already been created.
– Voters of 18 to 21 years of age must also give proof of their age when filling the form.
– Those who are over 21 years of age need not give age certificates.
These documents will be taken for voter eye card
– Recently pulled two color photo
– Age certificate: Birth certificate issued by municipal office or certificate of 10th, if age is registered.
Address: Bank or post office passbook and base, ration card / passport / driving license / income tax order / water / electricity / gas connection bill in which your home address is
– There is no need to attach any documents, despite this, keep the original copy of the form while you submit the form.
– If you do not find the address given in the form, the BLO comes up to three times. After this, he gives his report.
– It is also convenient to give a mobile number under your signature in the given form so that if necessary, the BLO can contact you.

How to Apply Online
To add a name to the voter list, you have to fill in Form-6. If you want to apply online Then go to the Government of India website and click on New Voter Apply. Form-6 will come here openly.
With form, you need to scan your latest photo and attach. After this scan the address and age certificate. If you can not do this, then the BLO (booth level officer) will take these two documents to your house. This is where he will take you on a sign on the form.

To apply offline, you have to apply a recent color photograph to the form. Also, the documents required to be submitted above will also be submitted. After this, the BLO will go home and give their voter card to the voters.


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