Anti-microbial nano-coating system will make a face mask and PPE kit more effective

Uttarakhand corona virus update

To reduce the risk of COVID-19, a team of researchers from IIT Roorkee has developed a nano-coating system for face masks and personal protective equipment PPE. This coating has been tested to effectively kill germs within 10–15 minutes.

This formulation is much more effective against clinical pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli O157. This may prove beneficial for medical workers’ masks on their faces, coating their gowns.

An additional layer of protection against microbes

For medical personnel, eye protection, gowns, gloves as well as face masks are a key component of PPE, explained Naveen K Navani, professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Center for NanoTechnology at IIT Roorkee.

This nano-coating can reduce the risk of disease by providing an additional layer of protection against germs in masks worn by medical personnel. The silver nanoparticles and plant-based antimicrobials present in it eliminate their effects against microbes.


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