Anti-drug clinics will open in Uttarakhand’s schools and colleges


The increasing addiction among students is a matter of concern for all. Chief Justice of High Court Nainital Ramesh Ranganathan had instructed schools and universities to open ‘anti-drug clinics’ on the campus as part of the ‘Sankalp Nashamukt Dev Bhoomi’ campaign to overcome the increasing drug addiction among students. In this sequence, the Education Department has now issued orders to open clinics to all schools. Under this, a committee of 22 people will be formed in schools and universities, which will make students aware of drugs. The clinics are to be opened before October 18.

The ‘Sankalp Nashamukt Dev Bhoomi’ campaign was launched on 28 September during an event at ONGC in Dehradun. In which High Court Nainital Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan directed the Education Department to open ‘Anti-Drug Clinics’ in all schools and colleges. On this, the District Legal Services Authority also sent letters to the schools. Taking cognizance of this, the Education Department is now preparing to open clinics in all schools. At the same time, the Chief Education Officer himself has issued orders to open clinics to all schools in the district. On the other hand, many colleges say that after the order issued in 2015, the anti-drug cell was opened in the college.

Monitoring of private and residential schools

Chief Education Officer Asha Rani Panuli said that orders have been issued to all schools to open anti-drug clinics on the basis of court orders. Private and residential schools will be closely monitored. Such cases are more likely to happen in these schools. Told that camps will be set up in all schools as per order. In which students will be made aware of intoxication.

Create a 22-member committee

According to the order of the High Court, a committee of 22 members will have to be formed in the Anti Drug Clinic. In which a minimum of two college teachers, minimum 10 students, and a minimum of 10 parents have to be included. This committee will visit the school premises and the surrounding area to sensitize the youth against drugs. The committee will also be counseling the students who are addicted to drugs in the school.

Institutions started complaints

As such, there is a ban on the sale of intoxicants within 200 meters of schools and colleges. Despite this, due to lack of awareness and carelessness, tobacco-cigarettes, etc. are being sold at shops around schools and colleges. Students are often seen smoking in school-college uniforms. Since the court order, schools and colleges have also started making complaints to the police.


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