Another incident of chain snatching within a week, a challenge to police

Chain Snatcher once again started challenging the police. Within a week, the second incident has swept away the police chief’s sleep. The latest case is in the Patelnagar Kotwali area. Sarira gold chain snatched on Tuesday evening from the neck of the woman residing in Raj Rajeshwari Colony here. Inspector Patel Nagar said that the matter is under investigation now. The woman’s husband is employed in the Hydropower Corporation.

Raj Rajeshwari Colony Area Development Committee President Kalam Singh and Secretary Naveen Nautiyal have given Tahrir in Patel Nagar Kotwali. According to Tahrir, Bhanu Devi wife Vasudev Yadav lives in Raj Rajeshwari Colony’s Vidya Vihar Phase-II Kargi Road. On Tuesday evening, at around six o’clock, she was heading towards her house from Pathri Bagh Chowk. At that time a young man followed her on foot and grabbed the chain by swooping her neck. Bhanu Devi shouted but till then the youth escaped in the bike with the fellow youth. Bhanu Devi’s husband is employed in Jal Vidyut Nigam (Hydropower Corporation). This kind of tragedy happened on June 11 in the Unnati Vihar Lower Nathanpur of the Nehru Colony.

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