Another golden opportunity to make voter cards at home before the elections, read every information here ..


If your voter identity card is not made, then you have another chance to create a voter identity card. Apart from this, if there is an error in the voter identity card you can also improve it. On Wednesday, the Additional District Magistrate has instructed all BLOs to be deployed on all the 1794 booths on February 23 and 24.

Additional District Magistrate Arvind Pandey held a meeting with the district presidents and representatives of political parties in the Collectorate Auditorium. In which he told that all BLOs will be deployed on their booths on special occasions on February 23 and 24. During this period, the political parties ordered the appointed booth level agents to be present at their respective level. He said that the names of women voters, handicaps and young voters should be added in addition to the removal of names of registered voters, who is dead, transmitted voters, voted more than once in all political parties’ electoral rolls.

At the same time, he also asked the political parties to provide the details of the Divisions to the Election Office through their booth level agent. Apart from this he contacted the 1950 toll-free number and asked to solve his problems. On this occasion, Assistant District Election Officer PS Rawat, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Sonia Pant, BJP leader Rajendra Agarwal, BSP leader Satyapal, CPI (Rs) Anant Akash and Congress from Virendra Bisht were present.

Voter cards are available online
Young people from 18 to 19 years of age who have not made their voter card, making a Voter ID Card seems to be a messy task. But, it is nothing like that. They have to apply only by filling the format-6 form or they can apply for the Voter card through the website of the Government of India, WWW.NVSP.

Why Voter I-card, What is its Use
Voter I-card is not only for casting votes but also for identification in other tasks. For example, opening an account in the bank, getting a mobile prepaid or postpaid connection, car finance etc. There is no fee to make the Voter I-card.

Who can make Voter ID Card
– a citizen of India.
– whose age is 18 years or more on January 01, 2019
– The one not declared bankrupt or insane.

Which form is necessary for which work
Form-6 – For filing nominations and creating voter’s i-card in the voter list.
Form-7 – For filing the name of a voter list or for a complaint
Form-8 – For an amendment to be made on the voter card
Form-8A – For the creation of a voter card at the new address after changing the house within an assembly area.
Form-6A – For NRI
(Note: If you change houses from one assembly to another, you will have to fill in Form-6 to change the address.)

It is also important to know this
– It is important to fill out the column number-4 of Form-6. The applicant has to give his old address.
– The applicant must also tell whether or not a voter card has already been created.
– Voters of 18 to 21 years of age must also give proof of their age when filling the form.
– Those who are over 21 years of age need not give an age certificate.

These papers are required for a voter ID card
– Recently drawn two photos
– Age certificate – Birth certificate issued by the municipal office or 10th standard certificate, on which the age is registered.
– Address – Bank or post office passbook, ration card / passport / driving license / income tax order / water / electricity / gas connection bill in which your home address is mentioned.
(Note: If you are giving Ration Card as the address, then one must also submit the proof of the above other documents.)

If age is more than 25 years
The Election Commission believes that people over 25 years of age usually enter names in the voter list, but if your voter ID is not created, then you have to submit an affidavit separately, which will be written in the entire country that names are not included anywhere in the voter list.

It is also important to know
– There is no need to get any document attested, even while submitting the form, keep their original copy with you.
– If he does not find the address given in the form, the BLO comes up to three times. After this, he gives his report.
– It is also convenient to give a mobile number at the bottom of your sign in the given form so that if necessary, the BLO can contact you.
To correct the mistake
Many times the name, father’s name, age or address is printed incorrectly in the voter list or voter’s i-card.
In most cases, if there is some disturbance in the voter list, then there is a disturbance in the Voter ID Card. To change this, Form-8 has to be filled.
– There is no need to put a photo in it.
– When filling the form-8A, you will have to submit a rent agreement as a rental house, and if you have purchased the house, then the copy of cell deed will have to be copied.
(Note: BHO will have to be paid 25 rupees for Form 8 and 8A).

When will be filled Form-6
– The announcement of the revision program is being done for electoral rolls from time to time by the electoral office.
– In the meantime, the application form will be filled after the electoral roll draft publication.
– In order to include names in the Voter List, Form can be filled at any time in 6 years. But in addition to the Revision Program, the duplicate form will be filled in to include the name.
– Several centers are created temporarily to fill the form during the revision program, which is usually on polling stations.
Apart from the Revision Program, the forms will be filled in the only electoral registration office.

Failure to fill in Form-6
– People often leave filling up the column with a declaration, due to which their form is rejected.
– It is necessary for the person to sign their form, otherwise, the form is refused.

How to Apply Online
To add a name to the voter list, you have to fill in Form-6. If you want to apply online you can click on the New Voter Appointment by going to the Government of India website, WWW.NVSP. Form-6 will come here in open page. In it, you have to fill all the details with the full detail. With the form, you need to scan your latest photo and attach. After this scan the address and age certificate. If you can not do this, then the BLO (booth level officer) will take these two documents from your house. This is when he will take your sign on the form.

How to Apply offline
Now the form will be shared by the Election Commission in January. A recent color photograph has to be drawn on the form. Also, the documents required to be submitted above will also be submitted. After this, the BLO will go home and give the voter card to the voters.

voters can call on 1950 numbers to register any information or complaint related to the I-card.
If your Voter I-card is not formed, then the receipt given at the time of submission of the form can be taken by complaining to the SDM of your tahsil.
In addition to other documents as an age certificate, people living in rented houses can also copy the Rent Agreement. The BLO will verify that address when he visits that address.


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