Another BJP leader under controversy, air firing from rifle went viral


New controversies are coming out one after another within BJP. In the latest case, a video of a party leader has gone viral, in which he is seen firing aerial. However, who this video belongs to, it has not been confirmed yet, but since the video went viral, BJP has come under the target of opposition.

The matter of the audio clip of BJP MLA Umesh Sharma Kau going viral had not cooled down yet, that now a video of Kuldeep Chaudhary, the BJP leader and chairman of the Sugarcane Committee Libberheri has gone viral. Actually, a video of Kuldeep Chaudhary is becoming quite viral since Tuesday evening. In this, they are firing with rifles in hand. There was a stir as soon as the video went viral. Even on social media, there are various responses to this. It is being told that this video is from the Mangalore Kotwali area. At the same time, it has not been confirmed yet where the video is from.

Regarding the matter, SP countryman Navneet Singh Bhullar told that information is being collected in relation to when and where the video is taken, further action will be taken as soon as information is received.

MLA Umesh Kau is also in controversy

BJP MLA Umesh Sharma Kau is also in controversy these days. In fact, an alleged audio clip of regional BJP MLA Umesh Sharma Kau has gone viral on social media against the party-backed candidate for the post of Zilla Panchayat member from Raipur development block. For which Kau has also been sent a notice from the party.

Disputed statement of Jwalapur MLA

BJP MLA Suresh Rathore is also in controversy over his statement. On the occasion of the foundation stone of Dhanori-Telliwala road in the Jwalapur Vidhan Sabha, he said something that now he is looking for a way of rescue. He said that 52 percent of the population of Laksar road in my assembly constituency is from Pakistan and 48 percent of Hindustan, from where I come after winning. There was a stir since this statement.

Video of MLA Champion was also viral with realities

This is not the first case of a video with the BJP leader’s realities going viral. Earlier, the video of Khanpur MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion has also gone viral. In this, they were dancing with weapons in their hands. At the same time, they were using indecent words. After which he was expelled from the party for six years by the BJP.


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