An organic market for farmers and an Act to punish


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The farmer said, how to believe what is being sold in the name of organic manure

Organic farming is not only better for the economy of the farmers but also for the health of the country. But, all this will happen when the farmers have a market. He should be guided by the government. This is to say that the officials and farmers associated with the Indian Farmers Union.

Farmers say that organic farming is fine, but if chemical fertilizers stop immediately, then two years of initial yield is very low. In such a situation, the farmer will also face a crisis of livelihood. In such a situation, the government should help the farmers at this time. According to farmers, there is no fixed market for selling organic produce. If the government makes the market available, the farmers will adopt it.

Whereas, so far, the farmers who are doing organic farming have to market themselves and sell their produce. Along with this, the farmers say that those who are currently being sold in the markets as organic manure cannot be believed that they are real or fake. In fact, 10 blocks have been selected for organic farming in the state, in which the use of chemical fertilizer has been banned and the provision for punishment for violations.

Everyone has to come together. Only then the agricultural condition of the country can improve. Organic farming is better for the economy and the public health of the country. But, before that farmers should get market.
-DN Mishra, State Conservator of Farmers Federation of India

The promotion of organic farming will be gained not by law but by understanding. In such a situation, the government, public, and farmers have to understand that we should only promote organic farming. First of all, there should be a fixed market for farmers.
Bhagwan Singh, farmer Kharakhet

The farmer himself is the greatest scientist. He knows what to use and whatnot. This will happen not by law but by giving good prices for the product. First of all, it is necessary that the farmer is trained and then a market is prepared. Then any law should be enforced.
– Satpal Rana, farmer and Indian Farmers Union campaigner

The government should stop those who sell inferior seeds
Uttarakhand Fruit Plantation Regulation Bill (Nursery Act) has been approved by the state cabinet in the state. Under this, nursery operators who commit fraud by selling inferior plants to the farmers will have to face a sentence of six months and a fine of Rs 50,000. Nursery operators have a mixed reaction to this decision of the state government. Some operators are saying this right, while some say that the act will adversely affect small nurseries.

Premlata Pundir, the director of Anurag Nursery, which has been running the nursery for the last several years, says that the act will have a direct impact on small nurseries. Because small nurseries do not prepare the plants themselves. They buy plants from outside and bring them. For example, there are many varieties of mangoes. At the time of planting, it is not known which plant is of which type.

After three-four years, when the plant starts to grow into a tree, then its true identity is found. Therefore, the government should keep an eye on wholesalers and poor seed sellers. If the seed is not inferior, then there is no question of the plant being inferior.

Prakash, who oversees Saxena Nursery, says the act is correct. This will curb nursery operators selling inferior plants. Currently, all plants are hybrids. Therefore, he knows from the beginning whether he will bear fruit or not. But some nursery operators also malign other nurseries by selling inferior plants. Apart from this, the government should also make the farmers and nursery operators available among the improved variety.

Ashok, who oversees Jyoti Nursery, says that Uttar Pradesh has a provision for such punishment. Some people sell an inferior variety of plants along with good seedlings to farmers in order to get more profit. This causes farmers to suffer. This is done in large nurseries. ACT will benefit. But the government should keep the big nurseries with scientists and get them tested.

The government should train plant growers: Dr. Joshi
On the provisions of the Nursery Act, Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi, founder and Padma Shri of HESCO said that the government should train nursery growers first to ensure that the poor plants do not reach the farmers. For this, the government should enlist the help of various agricultural universities and institutes.

The government should ensure that neither farmers nor nurseries get substandard plating materials. Because in the nursery, the seed grower will prepare the plant accordingly. Therefore, there should be a provision in the Act to punish not only the nursery operators but also the seed vendors and those doing research in this field. Overall, the government needs to curb substandard seeds.


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