An arrangement is going on for the MBBS students, read to know

MBBS students

The scope of expansion in Doon Medical College Hospital is negligible. This deficiency is not only hampering the raising of facilities-resources but also meeting the standards of MCI. The postmortem house is to be constructed in the medical college as per rules, but there is a lack of space for it. In such a situation, a system is being run on ‘Jugaad’ for MBBS students. He is taken to the postmortem house of the Coronation Hospital. It can be easily guessed what steps are scattered in the resources of the medical college.

The state government integrated the Doon Hospital and Doon Women’s Hospital and converted it into a medical college. After which facility-resources are being collected here as per the standards of MCI. But due to limited space, the hospital administration is also facing difficulty in this. The situation is that it is difficult to arrange up to 140 additional beds for the recognition of the fifth season. For this, arrangements are being made in the administrative building. The same is with the postmortem house. To say that the medical college should have its own postmortem house, but there is no place for it.

The knowledge of postmortem is necessary for medical education. All postmortem training falls within the domain of forensic medicine in the field of medical education. Forensic medicine is a compulsory subject in medical colleges at the undergraduate level, under which all standards have been established. According to the Medical Education Act-1997 of MCI, it is mandatory for the students studying in the MBBS course to be present in the postmortem work for training in the subject of forensic medicine and the provision of postmortem house.

Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal of the Medical College, says that under the system, children are taken to the postmortem house located in the Coronation Hospital. There are plans to expand all facilities further. Postmortem houses will also be constructed under this.


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