Amazon Prime ready at the initiative of Industries Association of Uttarakhand, industries will be able to sell products

Amazon Prime

The market problems facing the industries due to the corona epidemic will now end soon. Amazon Prime has emerged to provide a market to the industries. Following the initiative of the Industries Association of Uttarakhand (IAU), Amazon Prime Management has agreed to sell the products through the industries. This can greatly benefit the industries of Uttarakhand. With this, the IAU has developed a business platform. Through which the industries of the state will be able to market their products.

IAU President Pankaj Gupta said that due to the Corona crisis, the challenge of the market has been faced by the industries. To address this, a virtual seminar was organized by the IAU on Monday. In which senior executives of Amazon Prime also joined. On the initiative of the IAU, Amazon has agreed to register the management industries. After which the industry can sell its products through Amazon and also Direct.

Along with this, IAU Business Plate Farm has been announced by the association. Through this, any industry of the state can market its goods. This will benefit the industries and their goods will be sold more. So far, people are unable to know about the goods made in the industries here and people are being forced to buy the goods that are being made here. Said that this business platform will give a marketing platform to the industries.

Pankaj Gupta said that at present there are many industries whose demand for the product is out but many new opportunities are also being created in front of the industries after Corona. Especially the goods which came from China, you can also make it in your country or region. For this, the central government is also preparing an action plan. Hence IAU is working on medical devices, disposable manufacturing. A list of 100 such items has been prepared for this, whose technology can be easily created here. It will also reduce the cost.

20 to 25 crores can be set up in such industries. He said that it is seen that Uttarakhand’s industries are not taking advantage of the self-sufficient economic package of three lakh crores launched by the central government. So far, only ten thousand industries are taking advantage of it. While 75 thousand industries can take advantage of this. Industries were informed about this package in the seminar and they were appealed to take advantage of the package before the deadline. Representatives of industries from across the state participated in the seminar.


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