Alert! Change your Facebook password, accounts of 60 million users irrupted

Facebook users’ data leakage has become a common practice now. The data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users is leaked on almost every day. Now another big news has come that Facebook user has to change their passwords because nearly 600 million users’ accounts have been irrupted again and this leakage has been known to Facebook users.

The report is claiming that Facebook had saved the account password of 20 to 60 million users in plain text format, while it should have been encrypted, although there is no news that whether the accounts of the users have been tampered with or not.

Right after this data leak, Facebook has also accepted its mistake and said that this bug has been fixed and users are advised to change the password by sending notifications. The disclosure of the account of Facebook users in connection with the Curbs Security has been revealed in its report.

According to the report of Curbs Security, about 60 million users had saved the password of the account in plain text and the fact is that more than 20,000 Facebook users could see these passwords. At the same time, the report says that the accounts which have been reported in the investigation so far are from 2012. At the same time, Facebook has said that about 10 thousand Instagram users have also been affected by this data leak. Read more posts…

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