Air pollution worsens Dehradun said UEPPCB

The Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board (UEPPCB) had been measuring air quality during Diwali and a report shows a rise of air pollution in Dehradun city. This time a local think tank–Gati Foundation– is also planning and preparing to measure air pollution on the occasion. They will measure the air quality before and after the occasion as well.

The Gati foundation’s co-founder Ashutosh Kandwal informed that Dehradun is also getting polluted in the air along with other cities. Despite a number of efforts to make an eco-friendly festival, bursting of firecrackers have been on a rise.

Gati-foundation will undertake five days campaign starting two days before Diwali till November 9. The measurements will be done using modern equipment. There will be a report prepared on the findings which will be sent to the departments concerned with a hope that certain measures would be taken to curb the pollution.

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