After Dehradun, now the Doiwala railway station will also be expanded, trains will not run for 45 days

Doiwala Railway station

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Work will be done at Doiwala railway station from 25 December, trains will be completely closed for 45 days

The railway is also expanding Doiwala railway station along with Doon station. There will now be two platforms at Doiwala Railway station. As the number of platforms increases, stoppages of more trains will also be available here.

Railway is expanding passenger facilities at Doon station. Under this, the number and size of platforms are also being increased so that more trains can run from Doon. Along with this, the railway has plans to expand the Doiwala railway station as well. Under this, two platforms are being built there. There used to be only one platform here.

The old platform has been scrapped. Instead, two platforms will be built there. From 25 December, the shed and other necessary works are to be done on the platform at Doiwala station.

Due to the expansion work of Doon station, the traffic block which has been taken for 90 days from November 10, will increase to Doiwala station after December 24. That is, the operations of the Nanda Devi Express and Shatabdi Express, currently operating from Harrawala, will also be completely canceled from December 25 for the next 45 days.

SK Agrawal, Chief Commercial Inspector of Dehradun station, told that due to construction work in Doiwala, the operation of both trains will also be postponed.


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