After 19 years, the draft of Water Policy of Uttarakhand will be prepared, these will be done

Water Policy of Uttarakhand

After a long wait of 19 years, Uttarakhand is now going to get water policy. It has been drafted, which will be placed in the next cabinet meeting. The draft policy drafted by the Department of Irrigation has a special focus on the revival of the watershed, with the inclusion of traditional methods small to large pit for water conservation. Micro-irrigation has been emphasized for agriculture. Several suggestions have been made in the state, including small hydro projects and Grat to be given attention, including the use of water in the school curriculum.

Drying waters in the state have made everyone restless. If we look at the report of NITI Aayog, around 300 water bodies and small rivers have dried up here. Groundwater is also being exploited uncontrollably. In such a situation, there are problems in the state. In view of all these, after a long wait, the water policy has been drafted through the irrigation department.

It was informed that this draft has been prepared in collaboration with various departments including drinking water, forest, rural development. In this, the emphasis has been laid on saving the rainwater every year in the state. The draft water policy will be put up for approval in the cabinet to be held on 11 September.

Highlights of the draft Water Policy

-Solid initiative for water source revival

-Promotion of gravity-based schemes.

-Meter based round the clock water

-Groundwater will be controlled.

-Action on invalid pumping.

– The cities will be modernized.

– There will be effective measures for water storage.

– Promote drip irrigation for agriculture.

– Industry treated contaminated water.

-Water ATMs will be installed across the state.

– Marked sensitive areas.

-Formation of Water Management Regulatory Commission.

-Promotion of low water consumption agriculture.

– Focus on the quality of water.

– No one can take water by breaking the canal.

– Farmers’ Development Association will be formed.

-World water conservation will be an effective measure.

-Will keep an account of the use of water.

– Minimum flow is mandatory in hydro project rivers.

-The National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee and GB Pant University will cooperate with Spring Revival.

Must understand the importance of water

According to the state’s irrigation secretary, Dr. Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh, everyone has to understand the importance of water. This is the need of the hour. The water policy has been drafted in collaboration with various water-related departments. It will be placed before the cabinet for approval. After the approval, the water policy manual will be prepared.


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