Admission to government schools in Uttarakhand through WhatsApp group

Admission to government schools

Admission to the new session in government schools will not have to wait any longer. Admissions will be made to the new session through social media and WhatsApp with the help of other regional representatives, including the school principal, parent association, village head. Currently, online registration of students will start by. Students who enroll through this lockdown will have to submit hard copies of their documents to the school.

Due to the applicable lockdown across the country, schools and colleges are also closed in the state. The central government has instructed the schools, colleges to be closed till May 15 till further orders. In such a situation, the most concern is the students who had to enroll in new schools. In order to ensure smooth education of such students, provision was made for temporary admission in new schools at the level of Directorate of Education.

Prior to this, students of intermediate college and primary school were being admitted to pre-secondary and first-time students enrolled in school. The Dehradun Education Department has gone a step ahead and intensified this exercise. Chief Education Officer Asharani Panuli has instructed all the Block Education Officers and Higher Education Officers to form a WhatsApp group together with the Principal.

Principal, school teacher, village head, food mothers, parents association, public representatives, members of school management will be added to the WhatsApp group. It will be the responsibility of all of them to spread maximum publicity of the school to get them enrolled in a government school in their vicinity. Numbers of teachers and principals will also be issued for admission in every class from primary school to inter-college.

Students or parents can contact these numbers to ensure their admission. As soon as the student is registered, he/she will be started studying in the online classes conducted by the schools. The Chief Education Officer said that after the school opens, these students will have to submit their necessary documents including transfer and character certificate from the old school to the new school.


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