Adhering to physical distance in markets is a challenge made for the police

physical distance

It is a challenge for the police to follow the physical distance between the concessions in Unlock-One. Seeing the inattentive attitude of the people, it seems as if the threat of corona has been averted, but the situation is the opposite. The manner in which patients are coming up in all the districts of the state including Dehradun, even in such times, small carelessness can cause great difficulty.

If we look at the cases of lockdown violation in the state, then the statistics of police action has come down by more than half. Fifteen cases were filed across the state on Wednesday. In which 609 accused were arrested. So far, 26, 299 accused have been arrested in 3534 cases in the state. By the last week, this number of police actions had reached 30 to 40 prosecutions per day.

The lack of data in police action certainly gives a glimpse of relief, but the concern is bound to increase due to the insignificant social distance between crowds in the markets and people moving without masks. Director-General of Police Crime and Law and Order Ashok Kumar said that the SSP and SP of all the districts of the state have been instructed to take action against anyone who is not following the rules in the market.

At the same time, shopkeepers have also been told to make arrangements to follow the physical distance of their customers. Keep a sanitizer. Failure to do so has been directed to take action under the Disaster Management Act.

34 cases in Dehradun

The action was taken against 34 persons under the Police Act in Dehradun on Wednesday for violating the lockdown, as well as seizing four vehicles while invoicing 32 vehicles. At the same time, a total of 54,066 vehicles have been invoiced under the MV Act in the entire state. 7618 vehicle seals and Rs. 3 crore 3 lakh fine has been recovered.


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