Actress Amrita Singh claims Mama’s land in Clement Town

Amrita Singh

Film actress Amrita Singh hanged a board on her uncle’s land on Clementown Post Office Road. It has been written on the board that this property belongs to Tahira Bimbett and Amrita Singh. Those encroaching on this will be eligible for punishment.
Due to the holiday on Sundays, neither the parties associated with the property came to the police station nor any documents were given to the police. S.O. Clementown, Dharmendra Rawaila told that on January 15, Tahira Bimbett and Amrita Singh had given a petition through their advocates, which stated that the property of her uncle Madhusudan Bimbett was at Clementown. The police should ensure that they do not possess any control over them.
After Madhusudan Bimette died after a long illness, Amrita Singh reached Dehradun with actress daughter Sarah Ali Khan. After performing the funeral of Mama’s dead body on Chandrabani Ghat, she reached Mama’s house directly and from there she came to Clementown Police Station. Then she had hired the property of Mama Madhusudan and said that some people want to capture it. However, no one could present any documents to the police when asked them to show the documents related to the property.


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