Action will be taken against colleges and teachers for ignoring online studies

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In the lockdown due to the corona epidemic, students are still connecting themselves with online education, but now the state directorate of higher education is taking it seriously and rules for online education have also been fixed. The Directorate of Higher Education has sent a letter to the principal of all 105 government colleges and 17 non-government colleges and issued guidelines for online education. Under which all colleges must compulsorily connect their students with online studies.

The letter said that the students’ attendance report would have to be sent to the Higher Education Directorate on Saturday every week. Also, an assignment of each subject must be given to the students on a daily basis. Students also have to solve the assignment received online in two days and submit it online to their college teacher on the third day. The attendance of students from colleges will be sent to the Directorate of Higher Education, it will be considered as actual attendance even further. On the basis of this attendance, students will be allowed to appear for the upcoming semester examination. Action can also be implemented on unseen colleges and teachers.

Pro. Ashok Kumar (Director of Higher Education, Haldwani, Nainital) says that online studies have been made more effective in government and non-government colleges. The usefulness of online learning has increased as the changed circumstances amid the Corona epidemic. Directorate of Higher Education has started an online education facility with ‘EDUSAT’, whose nodal officers are monitoring.

Pro. V.A. Bodai (Principal, SGRR PG College) says that Shri Guru Ram Rai PG College has been conducting continuous online studies since 1st April. College teachers and students are involved in studies through various online mediums. Teachers of all subjects give assignments to students each day. Let’s examine him a day later. The college records student attendance daily.

DAV’s internal tests will be online

In the midst of the lockdown, higher educational institutions have also moved to online exams followed by online classes. In this order, internal examinations of DAV PG College will also be online. For this, the college administration has prepared the assignments of all the subjects of graduation and uploaded it on the college website Students can solve these and submit them online or offline.

In this regard, Dr. Ajay Saxena, Principal of DAV College met Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Higher Education in his office and informed about the examinations. The principal said that due to the lockdown, all the teachers of the college are studying online. On the other hand, the principal clarified that the internal examination of postgraduate students will also be conducted online.


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