Aam Aadmi Party will run membership campaign in Uttarakhand: state in-charge Dinesh Mohania

Aam Aadmi Party

The Aam Aadmi Party will conduct a membership drive in Uttarakhand. The newly-appointed state in-charge of the party, Dinesh Mohania, gave information while talking to reporters in the press club. He said that the party can be subscribed by making a missed call on the mobile number 98710 10101.

He told that soon a rally will be organized to connect the workers across the state, which will pass through all the assembly constituencies. He said that he himself will visit all the state assemblies with this rally. The party is preparing to contest all the 70 assembly seats in the 2022 assembly elections.

Newly-appointed state in-charge of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Dinesh Mohania reached Doon on Thursday. At night, he held a meeting with some officials and discussed the issues of the state. AAP has made three-time MLA Dinesh Mohania in-charge of Uttarakhand. He was given the responsibility in place of Rakesh Sinha.

The path of AAP in Uttarakhand is not as easy as Delhi
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which has been in power for the third time in Delhi, is claiming to contest all the 70 seats in Uttarakhand but the party’s path here will not be easy. The party, which has won two elections in the state, is still waiting for the winning account to be opened.

The biggest difference between Uttarakhand and Delhi is geographical location. While it is easy to reach people in Delhi, the situation is completely opposite in Uttarakhand. Reaching voters especially in nine hilly districts will be no less of a challenge. The party is trying to make a place in the state politics before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

However, it has not been successful so far. On the other hand, despite a long gap of about six years, the party has not been able to strengthen the organization either. Most districts have only a nominal organization. In such a situation, the party will have to work hard to reach far-flung voters.

Till date, the party has not been able to win the councilor’s post
The issues of Uttarakhand and Delhi are also quite different. In Delhi, where issues like electricity, water, Wi-Fi, health services, public transport dominate, in Uttarakhand issues like employment, migration, health, education are most effective.

AAP contested all five seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but the party’s account could not be opened. The party performed remarkably in some seats.

Before the 2017 assembly elections, the then state in-charge of the party, Vivek Yadav, claimed to contest all 70 seats but could not field candidates in a single seat. After this, in the Doon Municipal Corporation elections, the party fielded the mayor and some councilors, but they did not win.


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