A teenager was missing since February 13, found in pathetic condition

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The dead body of the missing teenager from Basant Vihar police station area of Dehradun on Thursday was received from the Khara Power House Mirzapur UP. In the matter, Uttarakhand police are suspecting it to be suicide in the first place. Police say that only after the investigation, the whole situation will be clear.

The teenager was the 11th standard student of a prestigious school in Doon. He was missing since February 13. It has been reported that a student of this school of Intermediate was missing on the same day. Kushal Chawki in-charge, Mukesh Kumar, said that an attempt was made to locate the missing teenager from the Basant Vihar police station area for the last few days.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the police were informed that the body of a teenager was trapped in the Khara Power House. The police reached the spot and removed the dead body. The body was identified as the missing teenager from Basant Vihar police station. Here, the other missing teenager has not been able to found yet. Chawki in-charge told that both the teenagers had seen a few days ago by some people from the area together.

The father of the missing student from Basant Vihar police station has sought help from the people on the social media for the son’s search. In a message sent to the social media, he said, please help me, my son is missing from 13th February. For the last time, he was seen near Dhaulatapad in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. That same day he got his scooter too. The father said that the police and the government are not helping him.
The two talked about 2500 times in 13 days
The two missing teenagers had talked about 2500 times within 13 days. While three months ago both got to know each other. According to the police investigations and interrogation of close friends revealed that both of them used to meet often. On 13th February also they came out of the colony together.

When the police got the call records of both of them, there was shocking news. Between February 1 and February 13, there have been talks between the two for 2500 times. These talks have happened through calls and SMS. SP city Shweta Chaubey told that it has not been revealed so far that both of them have committed suicide or there is talk of another time. At present, the case is being investigated. Yet the search for the teenage continues. Some locals have said that they saw another body in the canal. Since then the police have been engaged in research.

Police was searching in Himachal and UP
SP City said that after receiving the complaint three teams were formed in this case. The three teams have explored both Vikasnagar, Paonta Sahib and various areas of Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the body of the teenager found in the canal.

Police investigations and circumstantial evidence are still pointing to both the suicides. However, the officials are not clearly telling. It has been revealed in the investigation that the teenager had seen her father with the other teenager. After that, when they called him, the teen did not raise the phone. On this, the father of the teenager went to the house of a friend.

The father went and saw that the friend was talking to his son. The friend told the police that the father had scolded his son by snatching the phone from his hands. SO Vasant Vihar Hemant Khanduri told that in the initial investigation, it is believed that both the teenagers had committed suicide due to the fear of the family members. However, it is too early to say anything.


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