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Till now, the common man has to run to different sections of services for the of electricity and water connections, ration cards, caste, residence, income, birth certificate, widow, destitute or old age pension, all services related to basic needs. But now they are going to get rid of it. Trivendra is now providing the same platforms as necessary services and related complaints.
This will be possible through the Common Application Portal (CAP). As soon as you go to this portal, the problems related to different items will be solved in a single click. This portal will connect all the related issues and their services to the state. With such 250 services, the CAP will be launched by the end of February.
The Department of Information Technology has started preparing for the CAP. All public services provided under the Right to Service (RTS) and e-District Scheme will be part of the CAP. The special thing is that the CAP will not only be the platform to provide services but also, it will keep a record of whether or not the firm be able to get services or any other problem. That is, the complaints filed on the solution portal will also be registered in the CAP.
Under the same roof, the help of technology is being sought to satisfy all the problems of people. With the help of the Central Government’s Dream Project Digital India, the Trivendra government is working on a plan to make the people realize of good governance. Information Technology Secretary RK Sudhanshu said that after the CAP launch, the citizen will not have to cut the rounds of different related items to take advantage of various welfare schemes and public services of the government.
All departments, public sector undertakings related to public service will also be linked to the CAP. Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) is engaged in developing the Common Application Portal. ITDA director Amit Sinha said that with 250 services related to Government to Citizen (GTU), the CAP will be launched by the end of February next month.


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