A shock setback to BSNL, will build a tower in frontier at a cost of crores of rupees


BSNL gets shocked after a private company gets the job of installing 16 BTS at a cost of crores of rupees
Mukesh Ambani’s company lost due to non-availability of the 4G spectrum with state-owned BSNL

Under the Almora SSA of BSNL, the work of construction of 16 mobile towers in Pithoragarh and Champawat districts has been awarded to private sector giant Jio. According to sources, Jio has also started survey work for this.

The task of setting up the base transceiver station (BTS) has been given a big blow to BSNL, a long-standing government communications company, in this area. For the first time in the SSA sector, a private company got the job of installing BTS.

There is a problem of the network in marginal and inaccessible areas of Pithoragarh and Champawat districts under the Almora SSA area. People from the concerned area have been raising their voices for a long time. Amar Ujala has also raised this problem of the people of the frontier region by campaigning with the title ‘without communication all useless’.

In order to improve the network in the marginal and inaccessible areas, the central government has approved the installation of nine BTS in Pithoragarh district and seven in Champawat district. BSNL was confident that as a public sector company it would get the job, but it has been learned that BSNL could not meet the standards set for the tender and this work was denied by private sector company Jio.

According to BSNL sources, 4G-spectrum has not yet been available to BSNL. To install these towers, the company must have a 4G spectrum. On the other hand, Jio already has a 4G spectrum available, due to which it has achieved this work of crores.

According to sources, after getting the work, the Jio company has also started survey work in some areas of Pithoragarh.

Jio’s cost is much higher than BSNL’s

Asked about assigning BTS to Jio here, MP Ajay Tamta said that there is an open competition for work in the communication sector and under this, only companies that qualify including BSNL can participate in the tender.

Our aim is to make the tower work according to the standards timely and quality so that people can get proper facilities. Regarding this, Almora BSNL General Manager AK Gupta said that we could not qualify for this tender due to a lack of available 4G spectrum.

Almora is the largest network of BSNL in the four districts of Almora, Bageshwar, Pithoragarh, and Champawat under the SSA region. Till now, BSNL has a total of 451 towers (BTS) in these four districts.

These include 230 towers 2G, 187 3G, and 34 towers 4G. Till now all these towers have been erected by BSNL itself. It has also been learned that in these inaccessible and marginal areas, where BSNL spends around Rs 70 lakhs per tower including annual satellite expenditure, it has been reported that Jio has given a tender of more than Rs 1 crore per tower for this.


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