A mother becomes distraught over the crying of a six-month-old baby, killed the beloved by immersing in the Ganges

six-month-old baby

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In Sarla, a six-month-old baby went missing from the House two days ago
CCTV footage reveals the disappearance of the child

The police have revealed the case of the disappearance of a six-month-old boy from his house in Sarla Sadan (Sarvapriya Vihar) Colony, Kankhal, Haridwar. Mother Sangeeta Baluni had killed her son by drowning him in the Ganges and the body was flown into the Ganges.

Due to CCTV footage, the accused mother finally confessed her crime after a late-night interrogation. The main reason for the murder of the son the accused mother has told is breastfeeding and his crying.

SSP Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S. revealed layer by layer the incident that rocked the relationship at the police station Kankhal on Monday afternoon. The SSP said that Deepak Baluni, originally from Jaiharikhal (Pauri), working in Hero MotoCorp, was married to Sangeeta, a resident of Gumaniwala, Rishikesh, five years ago.

False information was given about disappearance
Sangeeta Baluni had reported the disappearance of her six-month-old son Ansh from home on Sunday evening. It was informed that she had gone to get milk at a nearby dairy, when she returned her son was missing. At that time only his three-year-old daughter was present.

The woman was seen carrying a black bag when the police team led by SO Hariomraj Chauhan investigated footage of CCTV cameras installed in the area. When in doubt, the woman was called to the police station late at night and questioned, she confessed her crime. The SSP said that the mother after putting her son in a black bag took to Anandmayi Pulia.

Dead body was drowned in the Ganges
She then killed the son by drowning in the Ganges. After the death of the son, the body was flown into the Ganges and came back home with a black bag. When the SSP agreed, the accused mother confessed that she was not able to raise the son. The son used to breastfeed and wept a lot.

She was very upset about this. For this reason, she was determined to kill her son. The SSP said that she had concocted the story of the son’s murder as a child theft. Reported that the accused mother has been arrested. Looking for the dead body. During this, SO Hariomraj Chauhan was present.


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