A minor rape victim gives birth to a baby girl


A minor rape victim of Mothrowala gave birth to a baby girl at Doon Women’s Hospital. The woman who brought the victim to the hospital has informed about her being raped. After delivery, the condition of the mother and the child is normal.
On Monday morning a young woman reached the hospital with a 17-year-old minor. In the hospital, the young woman told that the young woman’s parents have left her because she has been raped months ago. They got information about rape after several months. In such a situation abortion could prove to be dangerous.
On this statement of the girl, the doctors advised giving the information to the police first. In the meantime, the child began to suffer from labor. According to sources, the woman who reached the minor was unable to provide much information about her. At the same time, there was information about the presence of a doctor working in a private hospital with a minor. Hospital officials have refused to say anything in this matter.


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