A loot case in filmy style, the victim is shot and miscreants escaped

A filmy style loot case in dehradun

In the capital, Dehradun, unruly criminals shot a petrol pump owner and looted Rs 12 lakh. The miscreants in a filmy style parked their bikes in front of the businessman’s car and snatched the bag. Protested then snatched the bag by shooting.

The injured businessman has been admitted to Synergy Hospital. According to doctors, the bullet is still stuck on his shoulder. Here the police have started blocking the city after the incident and started checking rigorously. Until late at night, there was no clue about the miscreants.

The event is of the Wing Number one of Premnagar. Petrol pump businessman Gagan Bhatia was moving towards his home in a Santro. Meanwhile, at about 9.30 pm, two scooter riders stood in front of his car. Before Gagan could understand anything, a rogue approached the car window and started snatching the bag.

Gagan caught the bag and pushed the miscreant from the car. In the meantime, the second crook came and shot Gagan on the shoulder. Gagan fell on the ground and the crooks fled from there by taking the bag.

After the incident, a crowd of people gathered on the spot and after some time the police reached the spot. Local people reached the Synergy Hospital with Gagan. It is being told that Gagan has been shot in the shoulder. Here, SP city Shweta Chaubey told that intensive checking has been started at Entry-Exit Point, Premnagar, Asharodi, Haridwar Bypass, etc. Nearby CCTVs are also being checked.

She said that 12 lakh rupees are being told in the bag of Gagan, but some people are also talking about 9 lakh rupees. Keeping in mind all the cases is being scrutinized. On receiving the information of the incident, SSP arrived at Rishikesh late at night.

Challenge for the police, five such loot cases in five months in Dehradun
The police of the district have been challenged by the miscreants in Premnagar for the fifth time. Earlier this year, two incidents have taken place in Rishikesh and Dehradun city in the last five months. Saraf Merchant in Rishikesh, before this, the salesman of liquor contracts in Dehradun, the woman looted from Saraf, and the police have failed to disclose the incidents of robbery to the women in Rishikesh.

Shrine trader Vineet Chauhan was robbed by looters and robbed one and a half kg of gold in Rishikesh. The police, like every time, went on exploring CCTV footage, but could not reach the bad guys. It was not the first time that the miscreants managed to dodge the police. Earlier, the miscreants opened the poles of Police claims in the Vasant Vihar area. The miscreants had severely injured the salesman of the liquor contract with the iron rods on the head and had escaped with Rs. 3 lakh. Salesmen died later. The matter was serious, despite the fact that the police, which is to provide security, could do nothing.

In Saraswati Vihar Nehru Colony, Saraf Lavi Rastogi had been robbed jewelry of 10 lakh rupees on gun power. Police could not find any such clue except a motorcycle. However, in pursuit of the miscreants, the police pursued the trick to giving the details. However, till now, there is nothing to know about the miscreants.


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