A leopard was hit and killed by a speeding truck, the forest department took the body

In Chhiddarwala of Rishikesh, today a leopard was hit by a speeding truck who lost its grip. The incident is being told to have happened around six o’clock in the morning. On the information of the people, the forest department team reached and took the leopard’s dead body. The dead leopard is about 6 years old. It was a male. After the post-mortem, it will be sent for examination in the Visra Wild Life Institute.

Earlier on Wednesday, a leopard attacked the cattle of the forest gurjar Gafur, who lived in the forest of Puranpur village of Block area in Bahadrabad, Haridwar. He was admitted to a private hospital in Bahadrabad where he had 12 stitches. When the condition improved, he was sent home.

On Wednesday, a leopard cub entered the village adjacent to Pauri district headquarter. On the information of the villagers, the team of forest department reached the spot. The team rescued leopard’s cubs after three hours of hard work. The villagers said that a leopard is seen around the village with its two cubs for several days. The villagers demanded to catch the leopard and its two cubs and leave them in the forest. The team of the forest department then left the caught cubs in the jungle. Read more posts…

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