A high-tech drone will provide food to people trapped in mountains and disaster, SDRF will monitor

SDRF will buy drones flying up to two kg of luggage
Training to run drones given to SDRF youth with the help of ITDA

The drone will now provide medicines, water, and food to those trapped in the mountain during a disaster or trekking. This drone will be able to fly up to two kilos. The SDRF (Disaster Response Force) is set to purchase high-tech drones.

The tendering process has started for this. In the first phase, with the help of ITDA, about 24 soldiers have been given the training to run drones. To see the beauty of Uttarakhand, a large number of climbers come from home and abroad. There are also reports of climbers getting stuck in high hills.

SDRF Jawans used to take many days to find these climbers, but now the task of rescue team will be much easier with the help of drones. SDRF will buy high-tech drones with the help of the World Bank.

The drone will carry relief material to those stranded during the disaster and trekking. This will include first aid kit, water, and other ration items. Also, there is a large part of the mountains where there is a problem with communication. Wireless can also be sent to climbers via drones.

In order to provide immediate relief to those trapped in disaster or trekking, the process of purchasing a drone with the capacity to carry two kg of goods is going on. Through the drone, it will be easier to provide medicine, water, and food to the people trapped in remote areas. The youth of SDRF have been trained to run drones.
– Trupti Bhatt, Commandant, SDRF

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