A DNA test will be done to identify real parents of children engaged in begging

To prevent the begging of children, the police will run a special campaign for two months in Dehradun district. During this time efforts will be made so that the children can not return to this path. DNA tests will also be done to identify the real parents of children.

Director General of Police Ashok Kumar on Monday chaired the ban on begging with related departments and NGOs. He said that the children will have to make a collective effort to remove themselves from the mainstream. There is a need to increase awareness, action and rehabilitation work.

In Haldwani, the Veerangana Trust is teaching 123 children involved in begging. While Ghanshyam Kohli Child Welfare Society in Pithoragarh is helping to prevent begging by increasing the skill development of such children.

D.G. Ashok Kumar said that the public lacks awareness. They have to tell that begging is a crime. They are promoting crime by begging children. With banners, posters on the intersections, efforts will be made to make people aware through short movies in the cinema hall.

This will be the work to stop begging
-The children who are begging will be handed over to the family after enrolling in the school.
-In relation to begging, if any involvement of a gang or a parent is found, the prosecution will be registered.
-People who take delivery of children will be identified by making a DNA test whether they are real parents or not.
-Through loudspeakers on intersections, people will be awakened to stop begging of children.
-A special campaign will be organized on Tuesday, Saturday and during the festivals to recognize the beggers and to make arrangements for them.

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