A dispute between two divisions due to snowfall blockage

Pokhri-Rudraprayag Motorway has been closed for a week. The limit of the two divisions is Mohankhal-Tali Gardere to Ghimtoli till 4 ft, the snow has not yet been cleaned. The boundary dispute between the two districts is coming in the way of snow removal. Pokhri’s Dozer operator Tali Gardere has remained in trouble due to the closure of the road from Pokhri to Rudraprayag. This road is 10 kilometers near Pokhri division and 42 kilometers near Rudraprayag division. However, Lonivy Pokhri sent a dozer ahead of Mohankhal to clear the snow. According to the locals, Dozer is not clearing the ice of Tali Gader. The Dozer operator has returned to the front of the Rudraprayag division.

Mohankhal’s Rakesh Negi, Rakesh Baskandi, Lalit Mohan Thapaliyal said that the range of Tali Gadere is near the Pokhri division and the front is near the Rudraprayag division. He said that the road is closed due to snowfall from Mohankhal, and Lonivy Rudraprayag is showing no interest in opening the road. Traffic on this road is going on for seven days, causing problems of traders and the general public. Lonivy Pokhri’s Executive Engineer Ramesh Chandra said that Mohanlal Tali has sent a Dozer to clear the snow for Tali Gadere, if the limit of Pokhri division has not been cleared by ten kilometers of snow, then the road will be opened by sending the Dozer again in the morning.

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