A claim of two girl students, raising geological movements can worsen the worries of this state of India, may devastate

If the movement on the surface of the ground becomes sharp, the problem may increase in the mountainous areas of the Kumaon division. The two research students of Geology Sushmita Pant and Nazia Hassan in the DSB campus of Kumaon University have done their research paper. Both the girls were also honored in a seminar organized for this research paper in Lucknow.

Sushmita and Nazia, students of the Geology Department of the DSB campus of Kumaun University, are pursuing PhD under the guidance of a senior professor, Prof. Pradeep Goswami. The research work is on the disorder that is caused due to the geological movements happening in the lower Himalayas.

Studied areas near Bageshwar-Someshwar
During the research, Sushmita studied the areas near Dwarahat-Ranikhet and Nazia near Bageshwar-Someshwar. It is said that research has not been done to assess geological movements in the said areas. Both the PhD students found that the cracks in the above mountainous areas are quite active in the research results.

If the centre of the earthquake is also in a distance, then these active cracks can take a vivid form. They have also tried to warn the government in the results of their research that if the geological movements around the above area are intense, then disaster can be catastrophic. The students have continued research work, but due to the active cracks, due to the concerns of the future, the government needs to conduct high-level research. Read more posts…

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