A bus full of passengers drifted slowly in the snow, stuck on the way

The bus of Kemu, going to Nathuvakhan from Haldwani, slipped in the snow near the Gagar in Ramgarh and went down the road. The bus somehow got stuck on the trees lying down there.
This escaped a major accident. There were 11 passengers on the bus. All were brought to the Ramgarh Primary Health Center, from where the condition of the four was severe, the Sushila Tiwari was referred to Haldwani hospital. The remaining seven passengers got minor injuries.
Kemu bus going to Nathuvakhan from Haldwani (UK 04 PA 01135) as soon as reached near Gagar in Ramgarh, slipped into the snow and went down the road. However, after reaching a distance, the bus was stuck upon trees. The bus passengers started making loud noise out of panic. Hearing their outcry, people from nearby gathered on the spot. Read more posts…

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