A 5-day all training program organized by Indian Red Cross Committee State Branch

In a 5-day all training program organized by Indian Red Cross Committee State Branch, participants from 13 districts of Uttarakhand were given information on various sensitive topics like first aid, disaster management, CPR, climate change, wash, role of volunteer, family news service, road safety week program, snake bite, and bone fractures. And at the same time Youth Day was organized in which the District Magistrate of Rudraprayag District, IAS Mr. Mangesh Ghidiyal inspired the youth in detail about how to work passionately to achieve their goals, as well as the Red Cross Made aware of the international humanitarian institution.

On this occasion, the District Magistrate honored the national Badminton player Ansh Negi, Dhruv Negi, Divit as well as the youngest Red Cross Volunteer Master Manit Patwal from Dehradun district.

On the occasion of completion of all training, Red Cross unpaid general secretary, Dr. Ansari welcomed the District Magistrate of Dehradun, IAS Mr. C. Ravi Shankar. In the program, the District Magistrate discussed with the participants about how to work further, how to do better work as well as how they can work on the 7 basic principles of the Red Cross.

Certificates were distributed to the participants by the Collector. On this occasion Red Cross Committee Deputy Secretary Harish Sharma, State Management Committee Treasurer Dr. Satish Pingal, National Master Trainer Manish Kasaniyal, PFR focal Person Ashish Chanalia, Disaster Management State Coordinator Neeru Bhatt Petwal, First Aid Lecture Jugal Kishore Bhatt, Gagan Gunvant, etc. were present.

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