A 14-year-old girl told that the truth of the vandalism of her mother and her refusal to go home

‘My mother beat me with barbarity, I do not even have food, little sister does not behave well, she is constantly threatening, now I can not live with my mother and sister’. The 14-year-old girl, who was sent to Balika Niketan, refused to go to her house giving this statement in front of the child welfare committee.

With the efforts of Superintendent of Police Ajay Singh, this girl has been rescued from the clutches of her ruthless mother. On the basis of the complaint of the girl, and under the Juvenile Justice Act the police have registered a case against the accused woman. SP said that on August 10, during a police-public Chowpal in Agasthyamuni, a person had complained to him that a girl has been harassed for a long time by a woman in Vijayanagar. She is also assaulted.

She was sent to Balika Niketan on the plea of the girl
On February 27, after the case was investigated, the girl and her mother were presented before the Child Welfare Committee. The victim said that her mother has been harassing her for many years, she harms her with vandalism, so she does not want to go to her house. She has been sent to Balika Niketan on the plea of the girl. It is reported that the girl’s father has a private job in Delhi. Her younger sister is ten years old. Along with the mother, sister’s behavior is also not good with her. This matter of victimization of the girl has come forward one and a half years ago, in Agasthyumuni police station.

The matter was settled on the assurance of the girl’s father, but her mother’s behavior with the girl did not change yet. The Superintendent of Police said that the girl’s father was called, but he did not arrive. Police is closely monitoring the case, everything will be done to protect the girl.

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