A 10-year-old scored the most hits in tennis, claiming for Guinness Book

A 10-year-old Shaurya Singh has claimed to have scored the most hits in tennis and has filed his name in the double Guinness Book of World Records. Shaurya has achieved this success in the Modern House Pre-school situated in Indira Nagar. Master Shaurya has claimed to have broken both Guinness Book of World Records by scoring 114 hits in 30 seconds and 216 hits in one minute in the presence of two national coaches Amit Kumar and Shikha Bisht as Time Keeper.

In the tennis racket, the record for 90 optional hits in 30 seconds has been scored by Ashwin Shridhar of Tamil Nadu, which he made on 10 May 2017. However, in one minute, the record of the most 150 alternative hits with tennis racket was made by Australia’s Philip Cantwell on 30 March 2018. Father of Shaurya, Dr. Vishal Anand Singh and mother, Dr. Meena Singh sent this enchantment of Shaurya to Guinness Book of World Records. Just waiting for his name to be recorded in the Guinness Book.

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