800 patients won Corona battle in the state; new strategy for sample investigation

corona virus update

In Uttarakhand, the number of patients recovering along with corona infected cases has increased. The number of patients recovering in the last ten days has exceeded active cases. The recovery rate of the state has gone up to 51.79 percent.

According to the Health Department’s report at 2 pm, 808 infected patients have been cured in the state. While 730 cases are active. On May 31, 102 patients were sent home after treatment and the number of active cases was 692. At the same time, now the number of patients recovering due to improvement in the recovery rate is more than the active cases. The results are going to give some relief to the health department in the battle with Corona.

Additional secretary Jugal Kishore Pant said that a new guideline has been issued by the center to discharge corona infected patients. In which the infected patient will be kept under observation for 10 days. After seven days, if the patient does not show signs of the corona, then he will be sent home from the hospital. The recovery rate in the state has reached 51 percent.

Health Department formulated new strategy to speed up the examination of samples
The Health Department has chalked out a new strategy to speed up the investigation of COVID samples in the state. In order to reduce the pressure of investigation in the state government lab, a sample examination has been arranged in the outer districts.

Additional secretary health Jugal Kishore Pant said that all the samples of Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar district will be sent to NCDC Delhi for examination. 150 samples PGI and 100 samples CSIR Imtech Chandigarh will be sent daily from the Dehradun district. The remaining samples will be examined in the laboratory of Doon Medical College.

50 samples from Tehri district will be sent to IIP Dehradun and the remaining samples to NCDC Delhi. 100 samples from the Pauri district will be examined at NCDC and the remaining samples at Srinagar Medical College. All the samples in Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts will be in Srinagar Medical College. All samples of Uttarkashi will be examined in Doon Medical College. All samples in Nainital, Almora, Champawat, Bageshwar, Pithoragarh districts will be examined at Haldwani Medical College.

No travel history in 261 cases of corona infection in the state

Corona infected cases have increased after lockdown 4.0 in the state. The number of infected patients has reached 1560. There are 261 infected people, who have no travel history. That is, they have come under the coronavirus due to contact. From May 21 to June 10, more than 16 percent of the total infected cases have spread through contact with the infected.

There is no travel history of 261 infected patients after May 21 in 11 districts of the state. Despite this, they have been found to be corona positive. Dehradun district is the most in it. In infected cases with no travel history, health and police personnel as well as family members and others close to the corona infected patient are in contact.

So far 16 percent of the total infected cases in the state have been infected due to contact with the patient. At the same time, in Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts, no cases of contact have been found in infected patients so far. In both districts, infected patients have come from other states.

Anoop Nautiyal, president and social worker of the Social Development for Community Foundation, who is studying the Corona figures, said that 16 percent of the infected have no travel history and infection due to contact within 20 days is a matter of concern. The government needs to make people aware of this matter.

Dehradun: Home-selling quarantine agents

Many agents of the home-quarantined Niranjanpur Mandi are secretly selling fruits and vegetables. The artisans have chosen different places to load-unload fruits and vegetables. At the same time, there are many agents who are home quarantine themselves but they have kept their staff on business.

Last week, the administration closed Niranjanpur Mandi after Corona positive cases increased. Then all the artisans were asked to quarantine themselves. Apart from this, their staff and laborers were also quarantined. But instead of being a quarantine, many agents are secretly selling fruits and vegetables.

These agents are constantly asking for fruits and vegetables and selling them to retail traders. For this, someone has chosen a wide space on the roadside, while some are working in an empty plot. Despite being quarantined, selling their fruits and vegetables also poses a risk of infection.

People who have been home quarantined should stay at home following the rules. Stringent action is being taken against those who violate the rules.
-Vijay Thapliyal, Secretary, Mandi Committee


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