7 million cheated in the name of an IPL match, filed for fraud case against two brothers

A case of cheating has emerged in the name of match-fixing in the Indian T20 league in the far-reaching Mori Purola area of ​​the marginal district of Uttarkashi. A man in the area has filed a fraud case against two brothers in cheat of Rs. 70 lakhs to the police. The police have started the investigation of the matter. At present, the accused are out of the arrest of the police.

Hakam Singh Rawat, a resident of Livadi village in Mori block, told the police in Tahrir that two brothers, Ankit Rawat and Sandeep Rawat, from Khaladi village of Purola block, took 70 lakh rupees from him, telling him to fix a match in the Indian T20 league. This amount was transferred to the accounts of the accused through the bank. The accused did not return the money through a cheque, but their accounts were bounced due to lack of money in the accounts. Now the police have started the investigation in the respective sections against Ankit Rawat and Sandeep Rawat on the basis of their Tahrir.

Police inspector Naveen Kumar, who is investigating the matter, said that the victim has presented evidence of transferring money through bank accounts in the accounts of the accused. The details of bank accounts are being scrutinized. The accused will be arrested soon. In the area, many people have also complained about the accused collecting money from them in the name of doubling the amount in a year. The above cases are also being shown.

This was the way people had influenced
In March last year, the accused had organized a few other sports competitions, including cricket, for a month at Purola Mini Stadium. During this time, they had impressed the people by introducing the famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh with a helicopter at the closing ceremony along with the convoy of expensive luxury trains.

During the event, the regional legislator Rajkumar and the administration officials also shared the platform and were seen clicking photos. Then they had shown the desire to get local sports talent at the national level and participate in competitions. The effect of this program was that the naive villagers of the area got into their hoax.

The victim had complained of cheating at Dehradun headquarters. On receiving the instructions, a case of fraud is being filed against the accused. In the past, three other complaints were received against the accused, but the cases were transferred due to the complaints filed at out-of-town police stations. Now the links of all cases will be added to the scrutiny.
– Pankaj Bhatt, SP Uttarkashi

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