470 employees and doctors of DMC not received December Salary


470 employees and doctors of Doon Medical College did not receive the salary of December to Wednesday. Apart from the wages, it is difficult to fulfill many important tasks. In fact, the government has not given financial powers to both the principal and the medical superintendent, while the principal’s signature is necessary for salaries and other financial expenses of employees-doctors. Due to not getting a salary, doctors and employees are furious.
Doon Hospital and Doon Women Hospital are operated under Doon Medical College. There are about 400 employees posted on outsourcing and contract. While 70 doctors are also providing services on contract.
In December, Dr. P. B. Gupta, former Principal of Doon Medical College, had expired. After this, the government appointed Professor Dr. Naveen Thapliyal, professor of the college, but did not give financial rights. At the same time, Medical Superintendent Dr. K.K. Tampa also has no financial rights. In such a situation, the salary for temporary employees of the college is getting delayed.
On Wednesday, other contract employees, including the clean-up staff, were not paid salaries, which resulted in a lot of anger. Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Director of Medical Education said that the government is going to take action in this regard soon. However, there is no such problem in the hospital at present.


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