40 maps made for determining environmental monitoring & planning


Under the ongoing project towards the protection of the holy Kailash land area, India has prepared 40 live maps. Nepal and China are also participants in the ‘Kailash Earthquake Conservation and Development Initiative Project’. The Map of Uttarakhand has been completed by using Satellite Centers (USAC) through Satellite.
The new maps have prepared a blueprint for major changes in the area. This project started from year by a joint body of India, China and Nepal 2013 under mode. The purpose of this 20-year project is to increase the resources of people’s livelihood besides strengthening the cultural relations between the ecosystem, biodiversity, local communities of the Himalayan region.
In India, the responsibility of this project is being handled by several organizations, of whom USAC is also part of. USAC completed the geo-mapping of the Kailash land area of seven thousand kilometers through satellite. 40 maps have been created under this mapping. They have been conducting a research study in the field since 1976.
The map shows the distribution of insects in the Himalayan region, apart from the situation of land sloping areas, species forests, major tourism, and temples. This information has been compiled in the book. Dr MPS Bisht, director of USAC, said that this will provide special help in determining environmental monitoring and planning.
People in the area are also given special attention to the resistance to fighting the weather. He informed that in all three countries, Kailash land area is 31 thousand square kilometers. Out of this 14 thousand square kilometres area is in Nepal, 10 thousand square kilometers in China and seven thousand square kilometers in India.
In India, this scheme has been focused on the marginal area of Pithoragarh and Bageshwar. He said that under this program, children from border areas of these countries are understanding the culture and food of each other. This area has been considered sacred for people like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Buddhists etc.


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