4 years of hard work into success, scientists have prepared bio-fuels with moss

Scientists of Bio-Technology Institute of Bhimtal have been successful in generating organic fuels from the moss of lakes of the region. Scientists claiming to make organic fuel through this process told that it will soon be sent to the research institutes of the US and Delhi for certification of bio-fuel.

Scientists who have succeeded in making organic fuels from moss told that biotechnology had been engaged in this research in Bhimtal Laboratory for the last four years. Now it is a preparation for patenting it.

Before this, a team from Delhi will be here soon to get it certified at the national level. In this research, Dr. Bina Pandey, Head of the Department, Dr. Tara Singh Bisht, Dr. Amit Pawar (Research Students), Jyoti Rawat (Research student) are included.

Dr. Bina Pandey, Head of Department of Biotechnology, told that research conducted to extract organic fuels from 16 species of moss from Nainital and Bhimtal Lake was going on for the last four years. In this, organic fuels have been extracted from moss of six out of 16 species of the lake.

Biological fuels produced from moss can be alternately used for the use of diesel in vehicles. This will reduce the cost of fuel too. Dr Pandey said that 20% to 30% organic fuels (oil) has been received from these moss of lakes.

Industrialists also appreciated
Dr. Bina Pandey said that many industrialists of Udham Singh Nagar have fully supported to this research with a great achievement. There is also the need to create these mosses artificially in lakes in Rudrapur. Dr Pandey said that with this moss it is possible to clean the fumes including wastewater from the factories.

Biotechnology Council funded
Dr Bina Pandey said that in this research, funding (fund facility) from Uttarakhand biotechnology council Haldi Pantnagar is being done. Pandey told that if this bio-fuel gets authenticity it will be used as fuel in vehicles and the cost of fuel will be highly reduced. Read more posts…

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