39 lakhs extracted from clone cheque from DAV college account

DAV college

The fraudsters cloned the cheque and extracted Rs 39 lakh from the DAV college account. This money has been transferred to an account called Durga Traders in Indian Bank. The college management came to know of this when another clone cheque was put in Calcutta. A case has been registered in both the cases at Dalanwala police station. According to the police, the wires of the incident are seen connecting with Jharkhand and West Bengal.

According to Dalanwala police station, the principal of DAV college, Dr. Ajay Saxena told that the college has an account in the Central Bank of India located in the college campus itself. On May 27, a call was received from ICICI Bank’s branch located at Tribeni in Bansberia, Kolkata, where the manager, Mrityunjay Pal, said that a check for payment of Rs 24.60 lakh has been made from the college account.

The check was paid to a person named Imran Khan. The principal immediately spoke to the college accountant Pawan Malik about this. He refused to issue any such check. The principal stopped the bank from paying the check. After that, after reaching the Central Bank of India and got the account checked, it was found that on May 12, May 16, and May 22, three checks have been withdrawn from the said account. During this time no check was issued by the college.

The principal said that the checks on which the payment was made are present in the accounts department of the three checks. These checks have not been issued by the college to any individual or firm. Police have registered a case against the unknown in this case.

At the same time, in Kolkata, an attempt was made to withdraw 24.60 lakh rupees. No such check has been issued to anyone by the college. This check is also present in the accounts department of the college. A case has been filed against a person named Imran Khan in this case.

Account Sealed

According to CO Dalanwala Vivek Kumar, the college account has been sealed. Also, the amount transferred from the account has been held. Information is being received about withdrawing this money from Jharkhand or West Bengal.

Portal operator arrested

The Patel Nagar Kotwali police has filed a lawsuit against the portal operator for threatening and not paying money from a senior assistant appointed in the state property department. Anil Kumar Yadav, a resident of the tourism colony, told the DIG in a complaint that his posting is in the state guest house, Jolly Grant.

It is alleged that for some time, portal operator Amit Sehgal has been running factless news. Demanding money against him threatening to run the news. He is being threatened to suffer serious consequences if not paid. The investigation was conducted by CO Sadar Anuj Kumar. The CO said that after investigation, a case has been registered against Amit Sehgal and he has been arrested. The accused was produced in the court from where he has been sent to jail.


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