33% presence in government offices in Uttarakhand, an exemption to these establishments

33% presence

As before, the attendance of 100 percent in the A and B category, while in the C and D category, 33 percent of employees’ attendance will continue. The remaining personnel will work along the lines of Work from Home. However, establishments related to essential services are exempted from this rule. Like the former, the guidelines of the Chief Secretary will be strictly followed to invite personnel to the office.

According to the order of the district administration, only government works will be done in government offices. During this time the public will not be allowed to come to the office. If they have any problem or suggestion, they can put the complaint made outside the office through correspondence. Apart from this, they also have the option to communicate via phone or email. All offices will be opened from 10 am till 4 pm and personnel will be sent home one by one in such a way that there is no crowd.

Private offices will also open till 4 pm with 33 percent staff

The rule of the presence of 33 percent of personnel will also apply to private offices. All such offices will be opened from 10 AM till 4 PM.

All Revenue Courts and Janadhar Centers will remain closed: All Revenue Courts and Archives at Collectorate and Tehsil level will remain closed till advance order. Janadhar centers and Tehsil will remain closed till lockdown ends, Janta Milan programs will also not be held.

Committee set up to reduce entry into court premises

A committee has been formed to curb the crowd and reduce the entry of people into the court premises. The committee will submit a report by May 23, considering all aspects of the situation at the ground level. On Tuesday, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of District Judge Prashant Joshi, in which District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Shrivastava and DIG Arun Mohan Joshi were present. There are eight main routes to enter the court complex, while there are some other avenues. A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Judicial Magistrate to curb the mob in the court premises and reduce the entry of people into the court premises. The committee will consist of SP Association, SDM Sadar, and Anil Sharma Secretary Bar Association members. The committee will submit its report after examining at ground level by 23 May.

Pass will no longer be made in Niranjanpur Mandi

The situation has come under control to a large extent since the new arrangements came into force in Niranjanpur Mandi. The mandi is now less crowded and physical distance law is also being followed. The Mandi Committee has stopped making new passes to keep the situation under control. A total of 2200 passes have been issued so far and now only these will get admission in rotation.

On Tuesday, the crowd in Niranjanpur Mandi was less than normal and after strictness, the physical distance was also being followed in shops. The vehicles also came to the market only with even numbers. Mandi committee secretary Vijay Thapliyal said that all efforts are being made to control the crowd in Mandi. Now the situation on the campus is largely controlled. However, strict adherence to physical distance has been given to all traders and vendors. Told that on the instructions of Mandi Chairman Rajesh Sharma, the process of making the pass has been stopped. A total of 2200 gate passes have been issued so far. Now only these 2200 vendors will be given admission. A time of one hour has been fixed with the entry of them in the market in rotation.


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