30 thousand children go to school without books in this district of Uttarakhand


Nearly 30 thousand children in Haridwar district are forced to go to school without books. So far, their bank accounts are not made. Due to this, they are unable to get the DBT benefit and they are unable to take the books due to lack of money in the account. The reason behind not creating an account is the PAN card. Without PAN card the bank no longer creates an account. Instructions on the opening of children’s account with PAN card without DM are also at stake.

These circumstances have troubled by officials. The Department of Education had also identified many such branches of banks in the past. Indeed, in government schools, books are given to children from class I to class eight. Earlier, arrangements were made to give books to the children from the school, but arrangements were made to change the scheme in the bank accounts of the children last year so that the child or his guardian can purchase the book by taking money from the bank.

The Department of Education opened accounts of children on a large scale, but still, thousands of children are waiting for the opening of the accounts. The new session has started for two months, in such a way the children are reaching the school without books. Most of the children whose bank accounts are not opened are in the Bahadarabad block. Their number is more than 12 thousand. The majority of them are from class I to class five.

Some madrasas are telling to share themselves
In view of the situation, a matter of demand of some madrasas to give money directly to them instead of depositing in accounts has also emerged. They say that they themselves will divide this money to the children.

In six months the accounts are closed
As per the new rules of banks, the account is closed if there is no transaction in the account for six months, money is deposited only once a year in the accounts of the children under the DBT scheme. This is the reason that the children whose accounts are open, until the next year most of them will be closed.

In the district, about 20 percent of the students did not get the benefit of the books because they did not open their bank accounts. All accounts will be opened soon.
– Dr. Rupinder Dutt Sharma, Chief Education Officer


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