25 lakh workers get pension benefits


In Uttarakhand, 25 lakh workers in the unorganized sector will be covered under the central government’s pension scheme. Workers of 18 to 40 age group will get benefit in this scheme. Upon completion of 60 years of age, they will be given a monthly pension of Rs. 3 thousand. For this, the workers will also have to pay according to the monthly contribution. The central government has issued a guideline to implement this scheme.

In order to provide social security to the workers of the unorganized sector, the Central Government has announced the PM Laboratory Man Fund Scheme in the interim budget. The scheme will be started in the current financial year.

As per the statistics of the survey conducted by the Center in 2011, the number of labourers working in the unorganized sector in Uttarakhand is 30 lakhs, but under the scheme, only those workers of the age group of 18 to 40 will get pension benefits whose monthly salary and income are 15 thousand or less.

Within this standard, there will be about 25 lakh workers of the state. According to the Center’s guideline, the Labour Department has started working on the scheme. For this, all the district officials have been instructed to conduct the survey.

“The scheme’s guideline has been received from the Centre. According to the ACC survey, around 25 lakh workers in the state will be covered under the scheme. In all the districts, the department has started work to prepare the data of the workers”, said Anand Srivastav, Labor Commissioner

The young will give less and vice versa
Under the scheme, the workers of 18 years of age will have to pay a monthly subscription of only Rs 55, whereas 40 years of labour will give a contribution of 200 rupees. It is clear that as the age of labour increases, the increase in contribution will also increase. At the same time, the central government will contribute to the workers as well.


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